Michelle Hackman | Journalist

Michelle Hackman is a journalist living in New Haven, CT. She is a
senior at Yale University with a particular interest in politics on
all levels, crime and mental health.

About Me


I am currently a staff writer at The Wall Street Journal, covering national politics and campaign finance. When I need a breather from politics, I also enjoy writing about moral quandaries at the intersection of science and society, especially concerning the science of human behavior. My work has appeared in Vox, The Wall Street Journal, Nieman Reports, The Toast, the New Haven Independent and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

 In May 2015, I graduated from Yale with a degree in Political Science and a concentration in social psychology. When not in class (that was a joke – often also during class) I worked at my beloved college paper, the Yale Daily News, where I wrote for and then edited the paper’s city section.

 Most recently, I covered politics as a fellow at Vox.com. I’ve also spent summers at the Journal, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and at WSHU Public Radio, an NPR member station in southern Connecticut

I’ve dabbled in things other than reporting – I’m a mediocre personal essay writer, a dreadful cook, a superb mixologist (to my mother’s dismay) and a famed gossip.

But, I think I’m in the reporting game to stay. If you have tips, thoughts or ideas on politics, mental health, crime or legal issues, you know where to find me.

Michelle Hackman | michelle.a.hackman@gmail.com