Michelle Hackman | Journalist

Michelle Hackman is a journalist living in New Haven, CT. She is a
senior at Yale University with a particular interest in politics on
all levels, crime and mental health.

Videos and Interviews

Cell Phone Research

During high school, I conducted a study on teenage cell phone dependence – a work of questionable scientific efficacy, but one that drew much popular attention and mirth. Read about it in:

"When Seperated from Cellphones, Teens Get Very Sleepy" – The Wall Street Journal

"Separation Anxiety? Taking Cell Phones from Teens" – NPR

"Intel Science Talent Search Winners Takes Home Big Bucks" – CNN

"Cell Phone Addiction Rings True for Teen Psychologist" – The American Psychological Association


"Are Kids Addicted to Texting? (And Is That a Bad Thing?)" – I talk about the research in this podcast for the Huffington Post (my personal favorite). 

"Mobile Etiquette in the Classroom - Webcast Highlights" – I also contributed to a panel at Intel HQ on mobile etiquette in the classroom.

Michelle Hackman | michelle.a.hackman@gmail.com